External Sorting

How do I use the External query to sort?

First, you must create an Input that is a JSON data type.

The input named external is a JSON data type.

Next, link the configuration in the External query tab to the JSON input using the drop down menu. Additionally, select which permissions you want to grant for external use.

In this example, the external configuration is mapped to the JSON input. Additionally, the 'Allow Sorting Override' is selected as a permission.

Finally, we are ready to use the external query to sort. In order to sort, we must enter in the JSON input in the following format:

"sort": [
{"sortBy": "","orderBy": ""}

For this example, it would like this in Xano:

In this example, "external" is the input as a JSON data type. This response will sort the data by the 'titles' of the 'book' table in ascending order.

Note for oder by: asc = ascending desc = descending