🤷 Complete Beginner?

Do you still have trouble following basic concepts around backend development? This section is for you

What is a Backend?

Understand how the backend works and how data is transferred from your Database to your front-end using the API.

Database Basics

The database is the heart of your application and it's important that you understand the ins and outs of how one works.

Part 1: Database Basics (SQL vs. NoSQL)

Part 2: Querying Data + Xano Basic Database Setup

Part 3: Relationships, Addons and Joins

From Idea to App

Going from the idea in your head to a fully functioning application isn't easy. This 3 part tutorial should help you structure your thoughts and get to know Xano at the same time.

Part 1 - Building your Database

Part 2 - Transferring data to and from your Front-end

Part 3 - Interacting with External 3rd party APIs from other services