External API Request

Access and process an external endpoint. An external API request allows your backend to interact with other APIs, these can be integrations with other SAAS products or any other custom APIs.

URL is the request URL of the API Endpoint. method: can be the verb that is used for that endpoint, GET, POST, DELETE. params: are the parameters that are passed into the API, these can be Path parameters or Query parameters. headers: are the parameters that allow you to define custom request headers.

The Import Curl button is a powerful tool that helps save a huge amount of time when creating external API requests. In this example, we are going to use the public documentation of the Sendgrid API.

  1. Click on IMPORT CURL and enter the curl example from Sendgrid.

2. Click on Import and Xano fills in all of the necessary information.

This is a massive amount of information that would have taken a long time to enter manually, by using the Import Curl feature we have cut that time down to a fraction. We would have to make some changes to the request but this could actually be run as is directly from Sendgrid.