Utility Functions

Preconditions: Set conditions that must be true If not met, the request will stop. You can also specify an error message below.

Random Number: Generate a random number.

GUID: Generate a globally unique identifier.

Check Password: Validate a match against a matched password.

Generate Password: Generate a password.

Create Authentication Token: Create a Token used for Authentication.

Sleep: Pauses execution of the Function stack and goes to sleep. (Think of it like waiting or pausing to execute).

In this example, the Sleep function is set to pause for 5 seconds.

Stop & Debug: Stops execution of the Function Stack at a specified point and prints out the data. (This can be advantageous when testing and debugging complex logic in the Function Stack).

In this example, the specified value for Stop & Debug to print out is the variable "merchant."
In this example, Stop & Debug is inserted in the Function Stack where we wish to stop execution. Additionally, the specified data is printed out at the point where execution was stopped.