Upgrading an Instance

Why should you upgrade? Free accounts come with one workspace that shares resources with other Xano customers. It also is limited on capabilities such as storage, database records and processing power. You'll easily be able to prototype most of your application in this type of account, but upgrading to a paid plan will give you a more powerful instance that can scale with your needs. View plan pricing and details.

What does upgrading your instance actually do? Upgrading your instance migrates your data and business logic to a brand new, faster instance. If you upgrade to the Prototype or Business package, you'll be put on your own dedicated instance for maximum performance and scalability.

How long does upgrading take? Upgrading an instance takes seconds to complete.

Does upgrading happen automatically once I pay? NO it does not.

You will need to update your API URL ORIGIN if: - You are upgrading from the FREE plan to a PAID instance. - You are changing your server region. You can read more about what your API URL Origin is below. You do not need to update you API URL ORIGIN if: - You are upgrading from a PAID to PAID instance and not changing your server location.

Can I keep my API URL ORIGIN the same? If it is vital to your production-live application to keep the same API URL ORIGIN then please contact support before completing the upgrade. You will be required to coordinate your upgrade with the Xano team during their normal work schedule.

How to upgrade an instance

Step 1 - Go to the Billing page

Go to the Billing section within Xano. You can get there by clicking "Billing" in the side menu on the instances page. You can also click your initials when you're in your workspace and clicking the "Billing" link.

Step 2 - Select a plan

Click the Change Plan button on the instance you want to upgrade. You will be taken through a workflow where you can review and select a plan for the instance. You'll be asked to provide payment information.

Step 3 - Write down your new API URL ORIGIN if you are upgrading from the FREE plan or changing your server region.


To ensure a seamless transition for your users, please read this section carefully.

Click the "Start Upgrade" button...

Don't worry, this doesn't start the upgrade right away. This will bring up a dialog telling you what you need to be aware of before continuing.

Write down your new API URL Origin

What is an API URL ORIGIN anyway? It's the first part of any API endpoint you have hooked up to the front-end. See below for an example


Step 4 - Update your Front-end with the new API URL ORIGIN if you are upgrading from the FREE plan or changing your server region.

Let's pretend the NEW API URL ORIGIN was https://x715-fe9c-6426.n7.xano.io

If you use Appgyver:

Here's an example of how you would update it in AppGyver.

If you use Adalo:

Here's an example of how you would update it in Adalo.

If you using a Front-end framework:

If you are using a front-end framework, you can do a global find and replace in your code editor to replace the API ORIGIN URL.

Step 5 - Complete your upgrade

Once you follow the above steps above, type I UNDERSTAND into the box and click the button "Start upgrade now".