Addons allow you to extend data in your output by easily and efficiently aggregating data from multiple sources.

Addons are one of the major features of Xano. They allow you to get data from multiple database tables and combine it into one API call. This can help performance as it lowers the number of requests and returns the exact data that you need.

Addons use joins and table references(IDs) to merge data together. Let's have a look at the Tutorial database table.

We can see that there is a reference to the video database table using the table reference to the video_id. We can then create an Addon that allows us to get the data of a video record that is used by that tutorial record.

In this API example we are getting the tutorial record by the ID. We can customize the output by including an Addon.

Let's click on the + Addon button outside of the tags array.

We want to add the video record to the output by selecting the video option.

The output looks like this: