Templates are complete workspaces that come with their own database, functions and API endpoints. Use these as a starting point to build the rest of your backend.

Contact Form

This extension demonstrates how to accept a lead through a contact form as well as how to list those leads. This extension contains endpoints for both the lead submission process through the contact form as well as a way to fetch all of the leads that have been submitted by the form.

What's Included?

  • 1 database table

  • 2 API endpoints

Contact Form - Submit a Lead

The contact form is just a basic form that accepts inputs for name, email, company, and a field for additional information around the purpose of request. This form does not have any spam protection or email notification, so it is recommended to use this as a base reference and then plugin any other extensions that fit your requirements.

Contact Form - List of Leads

This is a basic way to view the leads that have been submitted from the contact form. This endpoint does not enforce any type of authentication, so this would be publicly viewable by anyone who calls this endpoint. It is recommended to use this as a base reference and then secure it properly with your own requirements.

Once you select one of the marketplace items, you have the option to install it in your instance. Check out the anatomy of a marketplace template in the image below.


No installation instructions necessary. This extension doesn't have any external dependencies.


Contact Form - API Endpoint Group

Contact Form - API Endpoint Anatomy

Contact Form - Testing with Stackblitz

Contact Form - Stackblitz Live Test Results

Todo List

This extension demonstrates how to manage a personal todo list with search, filtering, and manage support.

What's included?

  • 1 database table

  • 4 API endpoints

Todo List - Personal View

This is your standard todo list view where you see a list of tasks. Each task has some functionality to edit the task, mark it important, or complete it.

Todo List - Manage View

This is a side panel that lets you add a new todo task or edit an existing one. The edit component also supports deleting a task.

A search box is present to allow you to search content from with each task description. There is also support for filtering based on completed and important attributes.