CSV Export / Import

How to Export your Data from Bubble

In Bubble, head over to the Data section from the left-hand side menu.

Choose the data type you want to export, and click Export as shown below.

Select "CSV" as the data type, and confirm.

You will receive an email once export is complete.

Once you have your CSV, you can follow our CSV import documentation to import the data into Xano.

Restoring Relational Data

You may notice that when exporting things from Bubble to a CSV format, your relational fields are not imported as relational data in Xano.

Xano is capable of rebuilding this data into true relational data, which we can accomplish by using the function stack.

In the video below, we will walk you through an example of an internal migration, meaning we will take the raw data imported into that user column, and populate it into a new table reference field to build true data relationships in Xano.

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