Onboarding Tutorial Reference

Use this section if you need additional guidance completing our in-product onboarding tutorial.

Using the Tutorial

The tutorial is made available to new users, based on the answers provided when signing up for Xano. From your dashboard, click the option shown below to begin the tutorial. We'll walk you through building a backend for an online store and show you how to use the database and No-Code API Builder to transform that data.

This widget will be present for you during the entire tutorial, so you can always refer back to it to see what you need to do next.

If you need to leave and resume the tutorial later, you can do so from your workspace dashboard.

The tutorial is separated into three steps, with various tasks to complete in each of them. In this document, we will walk through each of those steps together, and provide additional context to help you understand what's happening along the way. Click on any of the images shown to view full size.

Step 1 - Creating a database

In this step, we will create a database table with some data pre-populated. This is where all of the information that your application needs to reference lives.

🎉 You've just completed step 1 of the tutorial!

Step 2 - Your first API

In step 2, we'll walk you through using the No-Code API Builder, and build your first API.

🎉Congratulations! You just built your first API. Let's move forward to the third and final section -- transforming your data.

Step 3 - Transforming your data

Remember how Forrest Gump's totals were all 0 in the purchases table? In this step, we're going to fix that.

  1. Click Run & Debug, and then Run to test it out! If all went according to plan, you should now see Forrest Gump's records, with updated totals!

  2. Head back to your database from the left-hand menu, and see the updated totals in your table as well.

🎉Congratulations! You've completed the tutorial and successfully built your first backend using Xano.

What's next?

Feel free to play around and experiment with the example. Change some data in the table, modify the function stack, and more! You can also review additional learning resources from your workspace dashboard.

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