Getting Answers to Security Questions


This page is aimed to help you navigate our three main documentation sites to find answers to all of your general and security-related questions about Xano. Here is a breakdown of information you can expect to find on each site, and below we will go into more detail of how to best navigate and search within these sites.

  • Trust Center (

    • Security and compliance topics

    • Architecture topics

    • Reports and policies

  • Xano Docs (

    • Feature explanations

    • Guides and tutorials

  • Legal Site (

    • Agreements/legal policies

    • T&C, SLAs, Privacy policy, etc.

Please follow the below instructions, if you still have outstanding questions after searching within these three pages, please reach out to Xano support.

Trust Center

Our Trust Center should be your starting point if you have a security questionnaire. Here, we have several resources on a broad range of security and compliance topics as well as a Q&A section with additional security questions that are not answered in our existing documentation.

The most efficient way to navigate within the Trust Center is to first use the search bar at the top of the page. Search for keywords in this search bar such as β€œdisaster recovery”. This will then search through all of our existing documentation for you to view:

After using this initial search bar at the top, if you are unable to find the answer you were looking for, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and search within the Knowledge Base (which is our Q&A section).

You can then use the search function in the Knowledge Base to look up keywords:

Xano Docs

Xano Docs is a great place to search for more details on our existing features. The search bar at the top of the page utilizes artificial intelligence to sift through all pages to come up with the best response.

Try using some keywords in the search bar:

Another tip for navigating within Xano Docs is to use the sidebar sections to find the topics you are interested in:

The Legal site is an extension of Xano Docs, therefore, similar searching techniques apply here. We recommend first clicking on the document you are interested in and then using β€œCtrl+F” or the search bar to find the keywords that you are looking for.

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