API Rate Limit with AppGyver

We see many Explore and Starter (now deprecated) plan users hit the API rate limit while using AppGyver. This is often due to the default set up of data variables and pages in AppGyver.

By default, each data variable set up in AppGyver will call the associated API every 5000 ms. Additionally, by default, each page in AppGyver is set to "Page Mounted", meaning when the app opens so does every page with that setting, which in turn calls every API endpoint associated with those pages.

These settings can make it feel like you aren't doing anything and the API rate limit is constantly hitting. Below will include information of how you can change your AppGyver set up to make things run as expected. But please note, depending on the performance requirements of your app, a Prototype or Business plan may be needed.

Data variable set up:

  1. Open the logic view of your data variable.

  2. Click on the "Utility Delay" component.

  3. On the right side of the screen, open the properties and remove the "Time to wait" default of 5000ms.

It's recommended you do this every variable you have connected to a Xano API.

Page set up:

  1. Open the logic view for both your data variable and your page view.

  2. Remove the "Event Page mounted" setting and instead connect to the "Event Page focused" setting.

Make sure to do this for BOTH the page view and variable. It is recommended you do this for every page that is not the start page for your app.

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