Move or Clone an API Endpoint

Move an API Endpoint

Moving an API Endpoint allows you to move an API Endpoint or multiple API Endpoints to a different API Group.

To move an API Endpoint, open the menu icon of the individual endpoint and select move. Optionally include additional API Endpoints to move then select which API Group is the destination - you can even create a new API Group on the fly. Finally, decide if you want to leave a copy of the API Endpoint in the original group.

You can also bulk-move API Endpoints from the group view by selecting the menu icon on the heading of Endpoints.

Keep in mind API Groups have different canonicals meaning the endpoint URL will be different when it moves groups.

Clone an API Endpoint

Cloning an API Endpoint allows you to quickly make a copy of an API Endpoint within the same API Group.

Open the menu icon of an API Endpoint and select Clone.

Choose a new name or leave the default name for the cloned endpoint.

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