Custom Domain

Launch, Scale and Enterprise plan users can use a custom domain on their API endpoint URLs.

Xano has support for users on the Launch, Scale and Enterprise plans to set up a custom domain to be used on the URLs of their API endpoints.

How to set up your custom domain in Xano:

  1. Navigate to your Instances page.

  2. Open the menu on your instance and select Custom Domain, a panel on the right will open like below.

  3. Carefully read and follow the instructions to update your DNS records: Create a CNAME record to the address provided, set the TTL to 5 minutes, and depending on your provider allow time for your DNS to propagate properly.

  4. Enter your custom domain name at the bottom and click submit.

Once completed, you can use your custom domain on your API endpoints.

The easiest way to view them all is to open your API documentation in Swagger.

Once in Swagger, notice the address bar of your browser. Your Xano domain will be displayed (Note: your Xano domain will still be valid for your API endpoint URLs).

Change your Xano domain name to your newly added custom domain. In Swagger, you will be able to see all of your API endpoint URLs with your custom domain name.

You can now use your API endpoints with your custom domain.

Connect via Xano Domain

In some cases, you may still want to connect to your Xano instance via the original Xano domain. To connect through your Xano domain, head to your instance selection screen. Click the three dots when hovering over your instance, and choose "Connect Via Xano Domain".

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