SQL / PostgreSQL

Xano is robust enough to handle large amounts of data with the right plan. Often times users may wish to migrate their backends to Xano from another solution. Occasionally, they may already have large quantities of data living in a SQL database.

Xano doesn't allow for use of an external database but many are successful migrating their data from a SQL database to Xano's database. The CSV import is limitless and can handle files no matter how large they are.

In order to migrate a SQL database to Xano, it is first recommended to export each table into a CSV file. With each table in a CSV file, you can import the data table by table using the CSV file import feature.

The CSV file import will perform in the background on dedicated resources, which are separate from your instance's resources. This allows Xano to handle millions upon millions of records. Please allow time for the import process to complete. You can monitor the progress from the settings page of your workspace and will be notified via email once the import process is complete.

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