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Compliance Center

The Compliance Center is the single source of truth for tracking every Workspace schema change.
The Compliance Center is a premium add-on. Please contact your Xano representative or support for details.
The Compliance Center tracks all changes made to each Workspace object, the team member that made the change, the time the change was made, and on which Branch the change was made.
Workspace objects include Database tables and schema, API groups, API endpoints, Addons, Custom Functions, and Background Tasks. They do not include changes to Database records.

Where to find the Compliance Center

To access the Compliance Center navigate to the Settings tab of the Workspace, open the menu icon in the top right, and select Compliance.
Access the Compliance Center from the Settings page.

Compliance Center

The Compliance Center provides a single source of truth for each schema edit made in the Xano workspace.
The Compliance Center.
Each change to a Workspace schema is recorded in the Compliance Center:
ID - the unique ID of a specific change.
Object - the Workspace Object that was changed.
Branch - which Branch the change occurred on.
Author - the team member that made that change.
Date - the time the change occurred.