Content Modification Policy

At Xano, we believe that our shared knowledge is one of our greatest strengths. Each contribution, comment, or post adds value and enhances the community's shared knowledge pool. To ensure that knowledge is preserved and remains accessible to everyone, we have a few rules about editing and deleting content. Our intent is to maintain the quality of our community discussions, and we thank you in advance for respecting these rules.

Content Modification Policy

  1. Editing Time Frame: To correct any typos, clarify points, or make other minor changes, users are allowed to edit their posts up to one hour after it has been posted. This prevents significant changes to content after others have engaged or replied to your post. The essence of your post should remain the same after editing.

  2. Post Deletion: For the reasons mentioned above, users cannot delete their posts. Once your post is submitted, it becomes a part of our shared knowledge pool and contributes to the broader conversation.


There may be situations where a post needs to be edited after one-hour or deleted altogether. These can include privacy concerns, accidental posting of sensitive information, or other serious issues. In this case, contact us directly at so we can help address the situation appropriately.

In your email, please include the following information:

  • The reason for the request

  • The URL/link to the content

  • Any other relevant details

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