Getting started migrating your Bubble back-end to Xano

Why migrate from Bubble to Xano?

Performance and Scalability

As noted by the Bubble community, it can become difficult to scale your back-end from within Bubble itself. As your workflows grow to be more complex in nature, and the size of your data increases, you may experience performance concerns that are difficult to address in Bubble's own back-end.

Using Xano as a decoupled back-end for your Bubble application allows you to leverage Xano's capability to scale infinitely, based on your needs. On our YouTube channel, we have a video going into more detail on the performance differences between Bubble and Xano.


Using Bubble's back-end for your application means that your application's functionality is tied directly to Bubble, and is not transferrable. For some users, this type of platform lock becomes a concern, especially if they want to connect their back-end to another front-end or external service.

Xano, as a back-end, is completely front-end agnostic. When we say this, we mean that we want to work with as many front-ends as possible. As long as they have the ability to interact with a REST API, you can connect any front-end or tool of your choice to Xano. This also means that you can connect multiple front-ends to your singular Xano back-end, such as a web app and a mobile app.

Compliance and Security

Currently, if you want to build a GDPR or HIPAA compliant application in Bubble, this presents an interesting challenge due to the methods in which Bubble uses to store your user's data. Xano allows you to deploy your back-end server to a variety of regions for GDPR compliance, as well as a DPA. Xano also offers HIPAA compliance with a BAA for any paid plan.

What does migrating to Xano look like?

Move Data from Bubble to Xano

When moving data from Bubble to Xano, you have two options. Use the links below to explore methods for importing data in further detail.

pageCSV Export / ImportpageBubble Data API

Rebuilding Workflows

While there is no direct migration of your workflows from Bubble to Xano, we want to make it as easy as possible to rebuild. Please see the linked documentation below for common Bubble -> Xano functionality translations.


Connecting Bubble to your Xano back-end

Once you have moved data from Bubble to Xano and built some of your app's functionality, you will need to connect Bubble to Xano. There are a variety of methods to do so. Please use the link below for more information.

pageConnecting Bubble to Xano

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