Bubble Data API

Migrate your Bubble data to Xano using the Bubble Data API

Head to the settings in your Bubble application to enable the Data API. Take note of your Data API root URL, and make sure to enable any data types you want to access via the API.

In Xano, create your database table that will contain your Bubble data. Typically, you will want a separate table for each data type (think of a table in Xano as a collection of things in Bubble).

You will also want to create a new API, that will act as the worker for importing your data.

Hover over the Function Stack and click the blue + sign to add a new function. Choose "External API Request" from the menu.

See below for an example of how to set up an external API request to Bubble.



Your Bubble Data API Root URL + /[name of data thing] For example, https://myapp.bubbleapps.io/api/1.1/obj/users Data API Root URL Name of Data Thing

Once you have populated your URL, click the Save button.

If your returned records match your Xano database table schema directly, you can use our Bulk Add Record function to add all things returned from Bubble into your Xano database in one function.

If you need to transform or manipulate the data before adding to Xano, you can use a For Each loop instead. See the video example below (timestamped link).

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