Connecting Bubble to Xano

Various methods to connect your Xano back-end to Bubble

The Xano Connector plug, located here, is a plugin for Bubble that allows you to make a direct connection to your Xano APIs while avoiding Bubble's own proxying as mentioned above.

While this is not an official connection provided by Xano, we encourage exploring this as an option when connecting Bubble to Xano, and will provide official support for issues related to using the plugin. For more information, use the video below and visit the Connector documentation here.

Using the API Connector

What is it?

The API connector is a native Bubble plugin that allows you to connect to external APIs and use them in your application.

Should I use it?

Depends. The API connector is a great tool when pairing Bubble with an external back-end. However, it needs to be noted that using the API connector can add delay to your API requests, potentially causing performance concerns for your app. Bubble proxies API requests using the connector, which means that if you have specific data privacy concerns to adhere to, it may not be a viable option.


Using the Xano Javascript SDK

While Xano is a No-Code platform, we also offer the Xano Javascript SDK for our users who want to write their own integrations. You are able to utilize this SDK inside of your Bubble application. Please refer to the Xano JS SDK documentation to get started.

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