Client Invite

From the Instance page, enter your Agency dashboard under Agencies you manage on the right side.

Once inside the Agency dashboard, select Invite a new client.

Fill out the Client Invite form with the client's name and email address. You may optionally include a personal note to the client as well.

Next, select a recommended package for your client with any additional features. Send invitation and the client will be notified by email.

Your client will have final say as to which package they select.

Client Accepts Invitation

Once your client accepts the invitation you will be notified by email and the instance will be linked to your Agency dashboard. There are different scenarios depending if a client is brand new to Xano or already has an existing account.

The Client is Brand New to Xano

If the client is brand new to Xano, they will be required to sign up. The plan that you curated for the client will be defaulted for them to sign up but they do have the ability to change it to a different paid plan.

The Client has an Existing Xano Account

When the client has an existing Xano account, the recommended plan will be displayed. The client will choose from three options before getting started.

Option 1 - Create a brand new instance

This option creates a brand new instance for the client from scratch. This is a new instance separate from any work previously done in the client's existing instance. The Agency will automatically be linked up to the client's new instance to assist with ongoing Xano development.

Option 2 - Upgrade an existing instance

This option enables the client to upgrade their existing instance to the plan recommended by the Agency. It will automatically link the instance to the Agency after the upgrade is completed.

Option 3 - Allow the Agency to manage the existing paid instance without upgrading

Option 3 will link the Agency to the existing paid instance (if there is one). With this option, the client does not want to upgrade to the recommended plan but instead chooses to keep their instance configuration as is.

Option 3 does not apply if the client has a Build plan. Only paid plans can be linked to an Agency.

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