The Agency plan automatically enrolls you in the Xano Partner Program enabling you to earn commission on client invites.

Commissions can be viewed only by the owner of the Instance. Commissions are shown in the top right of the Client Dashboard:

Agency Commission Stats

Agency stats show you commission information tied to your Agency plan. You can see the active client instances, subscriptions, client invoice history, (additional) credits, and payouts.

  • Agency plans earn 20% commission on client invoices.

  • To receive a payout, you must add your PayPal email address. (You can do this from your account page).

  • Payouts require a minimum amount earned (this is typically $100 but might depend on your Partner Program Agreement).

Please note that the Xano Agency plan is a part of our partner program and all commission payments are made via PayPal on the 1st & the 15th of each month.

Enterprise Accounts

When it comes to Enterprise accounts, commission structures can vary widely depending on the specific scenario. Unlike standardized commission rates for retail, individual accounts, or agency accounts, Enterprise accounts often involve more complex negotiations and tailored solutions, which can result in custom commission structures to the referring party. Please contact your Xano representative for any questions surrounding commission on an Enterprise account.

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