Private Marketplace

Create Snippets only available for you and your clients. Also, Secure Share is available for one-time use of your Private Snippets.

The Private Marketplace allows you to create Private Snippets exclusively for the clients of your Agency plan.

Create a Private Snippet

To create a Private Snippet, navigate to the "Private" tab on the left menu and select your Agency's name. Then select "Create Snippet" in the top right corner.

Creating a Private Snippet has the same UI and experience as creating a regular, shareable Snippet.

You can add as many API Endpoints as you want for a Private Snippet.

Review the included content, especially the database table and records. When a Snippet uses a database request, the associate database tables will be included. You may optionally include records along with the Snippet. Be very careful not to share sensitive information.

Once the Snippet is created, it will automatically be published for your clients.

Managing the Private Marketplace

The Private Marketplace has two views from your Agency instance: Created Within Your Agency and Published Within Your Agency.

Created Within Your Agency shows all the Private Snippets that have been created within your Private Marketplace.

Published Within Your Agency shows all the Private Snippets that are available to be viewed and installed by your clients within the Private Marketplace.

Unpublish a Private Snippet

To unpublish Private Snippet, start on the Created Within Your Agency view and select the Snippet that you wish to manage.

Open the menu icon in the top right and select manage.

Unpublish the Snippet.

Create Update or re-Publish a Snippet.

When creating a Private Snippet, it is automatically published. If you unpublish a Private Snippet and later decide to publish it again, you do so by selecting Create Update.

Create Update also lets you make any changes and updates to an existing Snippet.

Once you select Create Update, the same experience as Create Snippet will be shown and you can make any changes to the Snippet and select Update.

Client Install of a Private Snippet

To install a Private Snippet into a Client's Workspace, go to the Client's Instance and then select the desired Workspace to install it to.

The Agency who manages the Client Instance or the Client can perform this action.

Navigate to the Private tab on the left side and select the Published Within Agency tab.

Click on a Snippet you wish to install. You will first be prompted to "Get" the Snippet, which adds the Snippet Instance-wide. Once that action is performed, the Get button change to Install and it can be installed on the individual workspace.

Other workspaces on the Instance would be required to Install the Snippet in order to add it.

Secure Share

Secure Share enables you to require a security token for the Snippet to be viewed externally.

Each token is only valid for a single installation. If you are going to share with multiple individuals, make sure to generate a unique link for each individual.

In order to securely share a Snippet, navigate to the Private Marketplace and select a Snippet from the Created Within Your Agency tab.

In the top right corner, select Secure Share.

Select Generate to generate a security token.

Once generated, a one-time use link will be generated with a unique security token. This link is good for a one-time use. You can copy it and send it securely for someone to use it once.

The landing page for a Secure Share and installation will be the same as a regular Snippet.

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