Bug Bounty

If you find a bug on Xano's platform, you may be eligible to receive a $10 reward credit, which can be used towards a paid Xano plan.

What is a Bug Bounty program and why have one?

A bug bounty program is a rewards system that an organization, like Xano, puts in place to encourage their users to report potential bugs.

The team is as meticulous as possible with Xano to ensure users have the best experience possible. Despite this, it's natural in software for something to fall through the cracks from time-to-time.

Users are building in Xano's vast landscape every day and cover a wide-variety of use-cases, which makes them the perfect candidates to discover a previously unfound bug.

We want to make sure to fix a potential bug as quickly as possible to unblock users building on the platform and continue providing them a best-in-class experience.

What is an eligible bug?

Bugs may come in a variety of ways within the Xano platform. Ultimately, it's up to the discretion of the Xano team for what is considered a bug and a bug that is eligible for a reward in the Bug Bounty program.

Potential bug examples could include:

  • UI (Example: something is improperly cut-off or prevents the user from accessing or reading something).

  • Functionality (Example: a filter improperly throws an error on a data type that it should work with)

  • Business Logic (Example: a background task doesn't execute despite it being active)

  • Workspace (Example: the search feature navigates to the incorrect page of a workspace)

The above are lightweight examples, a bug can be something different than what's mentioned above. If you are ever in doubt whether something is a bug - please report what you are experiencing to support so they can help determine if it is a bug or help unblock you in another way.

How to report a bug

You can report a bug by contacting support through the following channels:

I've reported a bug, now what?

After you've reported a bug, the Xano team will investigate the issue as normal. If it is determined by the Xano team, that the report is in fact an eligible bug, then they will apply a $10 credit to your account and contact you.

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