What's included

Each Xano account comes with the following

  • An Instance - This is the server that powers your app You can think of an Instance like a server where your backend is hosted. The performance of each instance is dictated by the subscription plan that you have. Each account has one instance but you can add more or share your instance with others.

  • A Workspace - A container for your app/project Workspaces live inside an instance and you can think of them like projects folders. They are unique containers for your app that come with their own unique Database and API. Depending on your plan, you can have multiple workspaces on the same instance and they'll all share that instance's resources. Each Workspace includes a unique:

    • Database - The heart of your application where all your data lives.

    • API - The messenger that runs commands to/from your database to your front-end. Xano gives you a NO CODE API builder to make creating API Endpoints a breeze.

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