Managing your Backend with 'Referenced By'

Using the 'referenced by' feature building your application in Xano, as your arsenal of tables, API endpoints, functions, addons, and background tasks grows, you can use Xano's Referenced By feature to quickly jump to related elements in your instance.

This is especially helpful when performing maintenance tasks like cleaning up unused functions. You can quickly see where that function is used before deleting.

Where can I use Referenced By?

Referenced By is available when working almost anywhere in Xano, including...

  • Database tables

  • API endpoints

  • Functions

  • Addons


Let's say that you are working inside of a database table, and you want to quickly see all of the function stacks that utilize that table's data. This will show API endpoints, functions, addons, and background tasks, which you can quickly navigate to from the modal.

Alternatively, you could be working inside of a custom function and want to quickly see every API endpoint that it is called by.

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