Why have a separate Backend?

Why use a separate NO CODE backend like Xano instead of an all-in-one solution?

We often get asked by the NO CODE community why it makes sense to have a separate backend when you could use an all-in-one solution like Bubble or another tool with internal collections. Here are a few reasons why it makes sense.

Here's a clip of our Co-founder Prakash talking about it during a NO CODE Fellowship

1. One Backend can power many front-ends While you might start out with just a web application in something like Bubble, over time the data from your backend will likely need to be shared across many different front-ends. This might include a native mobile application built in another tool, an admin dashboard for user management, and much more. Having a single powerful backend that can feed into different front-ends puts you at an advantage as your company scales.

2. Co-Development made easy When working in an all-in-one tool, you typically have to mix backend and front-end workflows/logic, which can get confusing as your app grows. This especially becomes messy when you are working with more than one person. When you have a separate backend, there is a clear separation around where all the business logic is handled.

3. Transform and Store Data Xano specializes in taking data from multiple sources and giving you the power to transform it to your needs. This becomes important when you start talking to other APIs and services which give you data in different formats.

4. 100% focused on the Backend. Built for Scale Xano is 100% focused on being the best NO CODE Backend on the market and isn't distracted by the complexities that working in the front-end can bring. This allows us to not only give you the most comprehensive set of features but an infrastructure that was built from the ground up that ensures your app can scale to the moon.

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