Add Record

Adding a record to a Database Table

1.Select the fields to add to the Database

You can add to the Database by either

  1. Using Inputs defined in the Inputs section one of the API group

or by specifying inputs from a variable in the function stack.

Adding a Database record using the API inputs (What's being passed from the front-end)

Ignoring an input

Sometimes you might want to ignore a field when create a Database record. A good example might be ignoring images uploaded by the user by creating a record with all the other fields.

To do this, simply hover over the Database Field you want to ignore with your mouse and you will see an eye ball appear.

Click the eyeball to hide the fields you want to ignore

If you have many inputs you want to ignore, you can Hide/show all by Toggling the eyeball to the left of the Table Name on top of the inputs:


The output is the Response of the add record function. There will be a preview of the response, which you can customize or include an Addon to extend the data. The response will be contained in the return variable, which you can customize the name of at the bottom of the output tab.


Settings allow you to add a description for the function to be displayed in the function stack.

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