Clear All Records

Clears all the records in the selected database table. Optionally reset the primary ID to 1.

Clear All Records Clear all records at once

The Clear All records function does exactly as it says, it is capable of clearing all of the data in a database table. This is useful for those times when your table has too much data that is no longer relevant or you want to get a clean slate after testing. There is an option to reset the primary ID back to 1 or you can clear it without resetting the IDs. Resetting the IDs works well when:

  • You want to start fresh.

  • When these ids don't affect your front end in any way (for example: a hardcoded specific ID used as a placeholder to show your objects, a static book that is on your front page).

A good reason to continue your numbering and not reset your IDs:

  • When you display the id in some form and want to show a higher number.

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