External Tab

The external tab in a query all function allows for external manipulation for your filtering, sorting, and paging.

The external tab in a Query all Records Function enables external manipulation of your filtering, sorting, and paging. Once you link up the variable, you can pick and choose which options can be configured externally.

The features present in the External tab are essential for any of the following scenarios:

  • You need to enable pagination of the results on your front-end

  • You want your users to have more control over search parameters

  • You want to otherwise define how the Query All Records function behaves with parameters coming in from your front-end.

External Query Options

You will notice that as you explore the various options for externally manipulating your query, there are two different modes, simple and classic.

We always recommend using simple mode especially if you are constructing a brand new query. Simple mode offers an ease of use advantage when compared to classic mode. We continue to make classic mode available to ensure that queries that were constructed prior to simple mode existing still continue to function.

External Sorting

External sorting allows you to define sorting parameters outside of the Query All Records function. For example, maybe your users can switch between ascending and descending sort, or they can sort by different or multiple fields. View our documentation on external sorting here.

External Filtering

External filtering enables you to define specific query conditions outside of what you have built into your function. For example, maybe you want to enable your users to filter by 'amount' or 'user' and want to ensure that you are prepared for any combination of search. View our documentation on external filtering here.

External Paging

External paging is essential if you are displaying results in pages on your front-end, as your front-end will typically send the information about what page to display back to Xano so your API knows which page to return. View our documentation on external paging here.

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