Relative Time Formats

Xano uses relative time formats from

You can use these relative time formats alongside Timestamp Filters.

For example: now, last Monday, +7 days, etc. (Relative times normally don’t have any timezone information, so it will often be important to reference the timezone in any type of filter.)


Relative statements are always processed after non-relative statements. This makes "+1 week july 2008" and "july 2008 +1 week" equivalent.

Exceptions to this rule are: "yesterday", "midnight", "today", "noon" and "tomorrow".

Note that "tomorrow 11:00" and "11:00 tomorrow" are different. Considering today's date of "July 23rd, 2008" the first one produces "2008-07-24 11:00" where as the second one produces "2008-07-24 00:00". The reason for this is that those five statements directly influence the current time.

Keywords such as "first day of" depend on the context in which the relative format string is used.

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