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ncScale is a no-code tool that enables observability and monitoring to help simplify troubleshooting and security.

Connect ncScale

To enable ncScale observability in a Xano workspace, navigate to the Connect page, find ncScale, and select connect.
Next, you will need to connect your ncScale account with your account credentials.
Once your credentials are entered, select a ncScale project to connect to your Xano workspace.
Once connected, the ncScale connect app will have a configure button. Select this for control over what the ncScale integration uses.
By default, API request history, log statements, and background task history is enabled to sync with ncScale.
API History and Task history will automatically be synced to your ncScale project for enhanced monitoring and observability. Log statements allow you to send specific logs within any function stack of xano.

Send Log

The ncScale: Send Log function can be found in the Connected section when adding a function to the Function Stack. Log statements allow you to send specific logs within any function stack of xano.
This function gives you access to the ncScale API so you can send specified logs within API endpoints, custom functions, and background tasks.
Severity - an enum. Options are available in the drop-down: verbose, info, warning, error, critical.
Message - an optional message to send with the log.
Event name - an optional name for the logged event.
Extra - a JSON object to send extra payload data along with the log.
See ncScale's documentation for more information.
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