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Preview and Add a Snippet

You can browse Snippets created by the Xano community at xano.com/snippet.
Xano.com/snippet allows you to browse Snippets. Click on one to see more information.
Once you select a Snippet you will land on the details page. It will include information like the author, description, and what's included (API endpoints, database tables, functions, addons, etc.).
You can add a Snippet to your existing Xano account. Or if you're new to Xano, you can preview the Snippet in a sandbox environment.
The details page includes detailed information of the Snippet and what's included. You can add the Snippet to your existing Xano account or try it out in a sandbox environment.

Add Snippet to an existing Xano account

Once you select add to an existing Xano account, you will be prompted to log in to your Xano account.
First, log in to your Xano account.
Once you enter your Xano credentials, choose which Instance to add the Snippet to. (Many users will have just a single Instance).
Choose which Instance to add the Snippet to.
There will be a confirmation page where you can select "Add to Instance" to complete this process. Then you will be taken to a confirmation page.
Confirmation page of adding a Snippet to your Instance.
The newly added Snippet will be available in any Workspace throughout your Instance from the Marketplace tab.
From your Workspace, open the Marketplace tab and select the Purchased section.
Open the Purchased section of the Marketplace to find your newly added Snippet.
Once selected, you can review the Snippet and click to install it to your Workspace.
Click install extensions to add the Snippet to your Workspace.

Preview Snippet in a sandbox environment

If you choose to preview a Snippet, you will be taken to a temporary workspace, which is completely anonymous and free.
Selecting Preview Snippet will take you to a temporary workspace.
The temporary workspace is anonymous and is a stripped down version of a regular Xano workspace. You will be able to have full functionality with the database to add schema, records, and new tables. Also, the API customize endpoints of the Snippet or build new ones. As well as, full functionality of Addons and Functions.
If you want to continue using the Snippet in a Xano account then you can sign up for an account. You cannot add the Snippet from the sandbox environment to an existing Xano account.
Claim the Snippet by signing up for a free Xano account.
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