Add tags to your Xano content

Where are tags supported?

Tags are supported on the following content:

  • Tables

  • API Endpoints

  • Custom Functions

  • Tasks

Tags are universal, meaning that the tags you create are available across multiple content types. For example, we could apply a tag called user-data and have this tag applied to both the User table and any API endpoints that return user data.

How do I apply a tag?

Creating a new tag during content creation

In the panel that appears when creating new content in your workspace, such as creating a table in the example below, you will be presented with a tags dropdown. You can select from existing tags or create a new tag by typing the desired tag name and pressing Enter or clicking the Add button.

Adding tags to existing content

You can add tags to existing content by clicking the three dots in the top-right corner to navigate to that content's settings and following the same procedure shown above.

Bulk Edit Tags

Bulk editing of tags is currently available for background tasks and custom functions.

On the appropriate page, click the Group Edit button.

Use the checkboxes to select the items you would like to edit and click Add Tag.

Type the tag you'd like to add and press Enter or click Add. Confirm your changes when complete.

When complete, the selected items will all have the new tag(s) applied.

When applying tags to any items currently published, modifying tags will create a new draft. Make sure to publish these again to remove any unnecessary drafts unless you will be making other changes.

Using the universal search panel (Crtl or Command + K), we can search by tags to quickly find associated content.

You can also click on a tag to view any associated content.

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