Agency Plan

The Agency plan is a unique offering specifically designed for development agencies and freelancers who are developing projects for clients.

Some of the unique features include:

  • Easy client setup & handoff
  • Centralized management
  • Robust agency server setup
  • Private “internal” marketplace
  • Shared income - earn % commission for every new sign-up
  • Xano partnership - eligible to receive “sourced” leads via Xano
  • And more!

Sign-Ups = Zero Cost!

If you are already a Xano client with existing client referrals, you will most likely start this agency plan with no cost to you! If you are new to Xano, you can get the cost of your plan covered by signing up client(s). Each client you sign up will earn you 100% credit towards your Agency plan’s monthly fee. Once you reach the cost of your plan, our standard partner referral commissions kick-in and you will start to earn 20% commission MoM. See more about commission and the accelerated commission structure.

Read about the Agency plan: