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Server Instance
In Xano, an Instance is a server where your Workspaces are hosted. The performance of each instance is dictated by the subscription plan that you have. Each account has one instance but you can add more or share your instance with others.

Types of Instances

Shared Instances

Free (Explore plan) accounts Free accounts come with one workspace that shares resources with others Xano customers. It also is limited on capabilities such as storage, database records, and processing power.
You'll easily be able to prototype most of your application in this type of account, but upgrading to a paid plan will give you a more powerful instance that features the following:
Launch Plan
    No Rate limiting
    Unlimited record capacity
    Video and file attachments
    Unlimited background tasks

Dedicated Instances

Scale plans
    Multiple workspaces
    Dedicated server resources
    Teammate collaboration
    Background tasks
    No Rate limiting
    Region-specific servers
      Brazil (Sao Paulo)
      Canada (MontrΓ©al)
      Germany (Frankfurt)
      India (Mumbai)
      UK (London)
    Custom Domains
How can I upgrade? Go to the Billing section within Xano. You can get there by clicking "Billing" in the side menu on the instances page or by clicking your initials when you're in your workspace and clicking the "Billing" link.
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