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Schema Versioning

Schema Versioning allows you to roll-back in case you make a mistake.
You can leverage versioning to help you solve problems, see differences in your work, test ideas, and easily revert back to previous versions. It also tracks who from your team made a change, and when the change was made.
Schema versioning is for database tables, API groups, API endpoints, functions, Addons, and background tasks. It allows you to easily roll back to a previous version in case you make a mistake.
The Launch and Scales plans have schema versioning enabled. The Launch plan tracks the 3 most recent versions of each database table, API group, API endpoint, function, Addon, and background task. The Scale plan keeps a record of 20 versions.
How to open schema version history
Open Version History by selecting Versions from the menu icon.
View your active (current) version, select from a previous one to roll-back, and see who made a change and when.
Version History captures which is your active version, a history of previous versions with data on when the change was made and by who, and the ability to select a previous one.
Version history will keep track of changes you make anywhere on a query, whether you make a change to a function or a filter. For API endpoints and functions, version history keeps a count of how many inputs, functions, and results were included in each version.
Counts of each versions' inputs, functions, and results allow you to determine which version you may wish to roll-back to.
Tasks will show how many functions and schedules there were for each version.
Version history of a background task.
And Addons will show a count of how many inputs each version had.
Version history of an Addon.
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