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Troubleshooting a Slow Response
If you need to contact support due to a slow response time, please include the following information.
We never anticipate issues but they can happen. If you are experiencing slowness with Xano and wish to contact support please carefully read the following to resolve your issue as streamlined as possible.
Please provide the following details:
  • Workspace name
  • API endpoint that is slow
  • JSON payload, if you are passing data
  • Email or user ID, if authentication is required
  • Other helpful information (describe the issue in detail), for example:
    • Is this always slow? intermittent?
    • Is this endpoint returning records? If it is, how many records is it returning and does the amount of records seem high for what you are expecting or is it normal?

How do I find all this information?

Workspace name:
You can find the name of your workspace on the top of the navigation bar.
API Endpoint URL that is slow:
Click the Endpoint URL button to copy the Endpoint URL. Include this in your support ticket.
JSON data payload (if you are passing data to the API endpoint):
If you are sending data to the endpoint, please provide a valid JSON payload.
User ID or email address (if the endpoint requires Authentication):
If the endpoint requires authentication, please provide a valid user ID or email address. You can retrieve that information from the user table or on the API endpoint like so.


Workspace name: Example API endpoint: https://x07d-e032-f135.n7.xano.io/api:byQZxnB4/user JSON data payload: {"test": "hello there", "value": 123} Authentication: Yes - user: [email protected] Additional information and description of the issue: "This API endpoint seems to always be unusually slow. I'm experiencing a response time of x seconds. The endpoint is returning 25 records and the response looks to be correct. Let me know if you need any additional information"