Airtable Import

Import a sheet from Airtable into the Xano database

Xano makes it easy to import your data from Airtable to your Xano database.

First, on the Xano database page, click "Add Table"

Next, go to the "Import" tab and select Airtable.

Enter in your Airtable Access Token / API Key.

Airtable is discontinuing API keys in favor of generated access tokens. Your existing API keys will continue to work until early 2024. For new imports, we recommend generating an access token using the instructions below.

How to find your Airtable Access Token

  1. Go to the Create Token page in Airtable and choose "Create New Token"

It's crucial to add the following scopes and your base, or your tables will not show.

  1. Give your access token a name, and add the data.records:read and schema.bases:read scopes.

  2. Add your base by clicking "Add a base" and choose Create Token.

  1. Click the copy button on the box that appears to copy your new access token.

Once you've entered in the Airtable access token, you will be able to connect to your Airtable account. You can choose a Base, table, and view to import from Airtable.

Finally, confirm the import settings and click "Import."

Depending on how much data you are importing this may take several seconds. Airtable only allows for 100 records of data per second to be sent through their API, so please keep that in mind.

Supported Data Types

The following are supported data types that can be imported from Airtable and the data types in Xano which they will be imported as.

  • count -> integer

  • formula -> text

  • autoNumber -> integer

  • duration -> text

  • barcode -> text

  • rating -> integer

  • currency -> decimal

  • percent -> decimal

  • richText -> text

  • singleLineText -> text

  • multilineText -> text

  • phoneNumber -> text

  • url -> text

  • email -> email

  • singleSelect -> enum (text default)

  • multipleSelects -> [] enum (text default)

  • number -> decimal

  • checkbox -> boolean

  • lastModifiedTime -> timestamp

  • date -> timestamp

  • multipleRecordsLinks -> [] integer (table reference)

  • createdBy -> integer (table reference)

  • lastModifiedBy -> integer (table reference)

  • singleCollaborator -> integer (table reference)

  • multipleCollaborators -> [] integer (table reference)

  • multipleAttachments -> [] attachment (text default)

  • Rollup -> text*

*Rollup is a formula-based data type unique to Airtable, we are only able to import a text copy of the data.

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