Setting up your API

What is an API?

The API, or Application Programming Interface, defines how data is exchanged between your database and your front-end or any software that needs access to it. You can think of it as a messenger that runs back and forth between your database and other services to collect information and eventually pass it to the front-end.

Thinking about the API in the context of your App Idea

Xano provides a No-Code API builder that we cover in great detail, but this video gives you a quick overview of what to expect. This also lightly covers Database Relationships and Addons

CRUD (Create. Read. Update. Delete) API Endpoints

Xano auto-generates and documents your basic CRUD API operations which make it easy to retrieve, send and delete data from your database. Of course, you can get as complex as you need to be in Xano but understanding the basics is essential.

Working with external Data (APIs)

This section covered the basics of what an API is and the basic CRUD operations associated with it, and how to build one of your own.

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Working with external data

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