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Learn about how to get help and support using Xano

Apart from the documentation we provide, we strive to provide comprehensive education and support through multiple channels for all our customers. For those that need more specialized attention, we also offer several levels of support defined below:

Basic Support

Basic support comes standard with all self-serve plans and includes the following:

Community Support

Participation requires adhering to the Community Code of Conduct

Email & Chat Support

  • Make sure you have read and followed our guide on troubleshooting inside Xano, as well as what to provide when requesting support.

  • Ask questions using the chat inside the Xano app, or by emailing support[at]

  • We do not offer support over the phone at this time.

  • Response Time: Up to 72 hours during business days from initial contact.

  • We often respond faster, however, due to ticket volume a response might not be feasible for up to 72 hours during business days.

  • Resolution time cannot be guaranteed due to the varying levels of complexity and involvement of a ticket.

  • Certain requests can take 2 or more weeks to resolve, depending on their nature.

  • Providing as much information as possible will help expedite the process. Here's an example of the baseline information that should be provided.

Live Hands-on Support

  • Orientation and Office Hours Attend a FREE orientation on how to get the most out of Xano, then get ongoing hands-on help with the Xano team during our office hours.

Instructional Support

Premium Support

Xano offers improved response times that can be added to any existing paid account. Learn more about them below, and upgrade to any one of them in the Billing section of your Xano account.

Additionally, a White House Escalation service is available typically for Enterprise Plans.

Support Package Enhancements

All prices are in $USD and response times are within USA Pacific Time (PT).

Support Package Enhancements are priced per instance. (i.e. Gold support for 10 Scale Plans would be 10x Gold Packages.) Volume discounts are possible by contacting your Xano Account Representative.

Premium support is offered through Intercom support chat for tracking and auditing purposes. Any updates to an issue should be recorded in the original conversation -- not a new one. Support through any other official channel will be handled with the Basic Support response time of up to 72 hours.

Support Packages

Submission Window

Response Time*

Bronze Package $150/mo


Business Day: 8 hr

After Hours: NA Weekends: NA Holidays: NA

Silver Package $350/mo


Business Day: 8 hr

After Hours: NA Weekends: 24 hr Holidays: NA

Gold Package $750/mo


Business Day: 4 hr

After Hours: 12 hr Weekends: 24 hr Holidays: 24 hr

* From initial contact. Response time ≠ resolution time. Business days are defined as Monday-Friday as long as they don't fall on a USA holiday. Any day that falls on a holiday would have a different response time associated with it based on the support plan. Business hours are defined as 9 AM to 5 PM PT on any Business day.

Xano support is available 24 hours per day during the work week (M-F). If a ticket submission happens during a business day at a time where there are not enough business hours available within the window, then the response time would by paused and resumed at the start of the following business day.

Additional support options are available to be customized through the Enterprise plan.

Need help building in Xano?

Get one-on-one help from a Xano team member to help you solve your issue and get back to building.

We always encourage our users to visit both the Xano community forum as well as our weekly free office hours sessions when they need help. However, we understand that some problems just require special or extended attention, and for that we offer one-on-one support calls with a Xano team member directly. To proceed, just fill out this form and a Xano team member will reach out to you.

These sessions are designed to help give you the attention you need to solve specific issues with your Xano project. While we can't build for you or solve issues with 3rd parties, we can certainly provide the attention you need to get past any Xano roadblocks you're facing along the way.

  • 2 x Zoom Support Sessions (up to 30 minutes per session) - $250

While we will do our best to answer your questions with the allotted time, there may be some questions that need to be escalated offline. If this is required, our engineers will do their best to either identify it as a bug with a proposed timeline to fix, or provide a recommendation on what to try exploring next. This will be communicated back to you through support channels.

White House Emergency Escalation

Typically, White House Escalation is only available for Enterprise Plans -- to inquire please fill out the form on

This support service gives you access to the Xano Bat Phone. This escalation procedure is restricted to service outages only and not standard support. If minimizing downtime is essential to the health of your business, then this service is for you. In the event that there is a service outage for your instance, then you will have the ability to page the engineer on call to look into this immediately. Typical response times from initial contact are under an hour.

Common problems to system instability include the following:

  • Increased traffic that is overloading the system

  • Increased data volume that is adding new stress on the database

  • Denial of service attacks

  • User error within the function stack

  • Hardware problems

Possible solutions include the following:

  • Issue diagnosis

  • Temporarily increase server resources

  • Assistance with database indexes to speed up performance

  • Assistance with rate limiting for denial of service attacks

  • Longer-term recommendations on functionality changes and/or plan changes to offer better protection against attacks and/or increased traffic demands

How to initiate White House escalation:

To initiate a White House escalation, open the support chat and start a new conversation. Two options will appear: normal premium support or emergency support - select the emergency support option. *Note: this option will only appear if the White House support service is enabled on your plan.

This method must be used in order for auditing purposes and emergency alert notifications to reach the Xano engineer on call. The use of other channels cannot guarantee the outlined response times.

Xano Certified Developers

Xano has a partner program that vets the best Xano builders to help others succeed in building their backends. Some services they offer:

  • Solving problems - Most of our users want to use Xano to build on their own. Partners can help overcome challenges or hurdles you might be facing while building

  • Migrating from other data sources - Coming from another database or no-code tool and want to bring in your data? Partners can help you do this easily.

  • Building Integrations - Some 3rd party services can be complex to integrate with. Our partners can help build the integrations for you so you can focus on other parts of the business.

Interested in getting help from a Certified Developer? Fill out this Developer Build Request form

Agency Build Partners

Xano has a network of agencies and freelancers that can help build a part or your entire backend at a fraction of what it would cost to hire a development team. Furthermore, this network of partners also specializes in no-code front-end tools so if you'd like to build both your front-end and backend through an Agency partner, it's completely possible.

Interested in getting help from an Agency Build Partner? Fill out an Agency Build Request form

Are you an Agency? Check out the Xano Agency Plan to see the benefits

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