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Learn about how to get help and support using Xano
There are several ways to get help and support using Xano. Click on each one below to learn more.

Free Xano Support Channels

Apart from the comprehensive documentation we provide, we strive to be as hands-on as possible with direct support. Here is a summary of the level of support you can expect from our team as you build your backend with Xano.

πŸ› οΈ BUILD (Free Users)

Direct Support:
Community Support Participation in these channels require adhering to to the Community Code of Conduct​
Instructional Support:

πŸš€ Launch

All BUILD Support channels, plus
Direct Support:
Instructional Support:
  • Launch Academy (coming soon) Review your App with our technical and product team to get feedback

πŸ§‘β€πŸš€ Scale

All Launch Support channels, plus
Direct Support:
Instructional Support:
  • Scale Academy (coming soon) Learn best practices on how to ensure your backend is as performant as possible.

Premium Support Enhancements

Improved response times and our 911 escalation service are available through our Bronze, Silver, and Gold Support Packages.
These enhancements can be requested here.

Xano Certified Developers

Xano has a partner program that vets the best Xano builders to help others succeed building their backends. Some services they offer:
  • Solving problems - Most of our users want to use Xano to build on their own. Partners can help overcome challenges or hurdles you might be facing while building
  • Migrating from other data sources - Coming from another database or no-code tool and want to bring in your data? Partners can help you do this easily.
  • Building Integrations - Some 3rd party services can be complex to integrate with. Our partners can help build the integrations for you so you can focus on other parts of the business.
Interested in getting help from a Certified Developer? Fill out a Certified Partner Request form​

Agency Build Partners

Xano has a network of agencies and freelancers that can help build a part of or your entire backend at a fraction of what it would cost to hire a development team. Furthermore, this network of partners also specializes in no-code front-end tools so if you'd like to build both your front-end and backend through an Agency partner, it's completely possible.
Interested in getting help from an Agency Build Partner? Fill out an Agency Build Request form​
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