Increasing Plan Limits

With the Launch and Scale plans, you can manually increase the limits of each feature in the plan to support the needs of your app(s) as you grow.

How do I increase the limits on my plan?

Fill out this form telling us what you would like. We will send you a confirmation of your new monthly pricing and the date it will take effect.

Pricing per feature

All prices are in $USD


Additional Monthly Price

Additional Team Member

+ $20/mo

Additional Workspace

+ $10/mo

Additional Background Task

+ $5/mo

Additional 10 Versions (Version History)

+ $10/mo

Additional 100GB Bandwidth

+ $25/mo

Additional 10GB Media Storage *

+ $5/mo

Additional 5GB of Database SSD Storage **

+ $10/mo

As an example, if you were paying $67/mo for the Launch plan and wanted to add an additional Workspace (an additional $10/mo), your new total monthly price would be $77/mo.

* Media storage consists of images, videos, pdfs, and file attachments. It does not consist of database records.

** Database storage uses high performance solid state drives (SSD). This storage is used only for the database schema, the metadata of each database record, and the indexes on the metadata. Any media references in the database records would be metadata only as the actual binary of this media is stored in separate media storage.