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Increasing Plan Limits
With the Launch and Scale plans, you can manually increase the limits of each feature in the plan to support the needs of your app(s) as you grow. If you have more complex needs or are part of a larger organization, you may want to look at our Enterprise Plans.

Pricing per feature

All prices are in $USD
Additional Monthly Price
Additional Team Member
+ $20/mo
Additional Workspace
+ $10/mo
Additional Background Task
+ $5/mo
Additional 10 Versions (Version History)
+ $10/mo
Additional 100GB Bandwidth
+ $25/mo
Additional 10GB Media Storage *
+ $5/mo
Additional 5GB of Database SSD Storage **
+ $10/mo
As an example, if you were paying $67/mo for the Launch plan and wanted to add an additional Workspace (an additional $10/mo), your new total monthly price would be $77/mo.
* Media storage consists of images, videos, pdfs, and file attachments. It does not consist of database records.
** Database storage uses high performance solid state drives (SSD). This storage is used only for the database schema, the metadata of each database record, and the indexes on the metadata. Any media references in the database records would be metadata only as the actual binary of this media is stored in separate media storage.

Support Package Enhancements

All prices are in $USD and response times are within USA Pacific Time (PT).
Support Package Enhancements are priced per instance. (i.e. Gold support for 10 Scale Plans would be 10x Gold Packages.) Volume discounts are possible by contacting your Xano Account Representative.
Premium support is offered through Intercom support chat for tracking and auditing purposes. Any updates to an issue should be recorded in the original conversation -- not a new one. Support through any other official channel will be handled with standard response times.
Support Packages
Submission Window
Response Time*
Bronze Package $150/mo
Business Day: 8 hr
After Hours: NA Weekends: NA Holidays: NA 911 Escalation: no
Silver Support Package $350/mo
Business Day: 8 hr
After Hours: NA Weekends: 24 hr Holidays: NA 911 Escalation: no
Gold Support Package $750/mo
Business Day: 4 hr
After Hours: 12 hr Weekends: 24 hr Holidays: 24 hr 911 Escalation: yes
* From initial contact
Business days are defined as Monday-Friday as long as they don't fall on a USA holiday. Any day that falls on a holiday would have a different response time associated with it based on the support plan. Business hours are defined as 9AM to 5PM PT on any Business day.
If a ticket submission happens during a business day at a time where there are not enough business hours available within the window, then the response time would by paused and resumed at the start of the following business day. After hours are defined as any hour on a business day that isn't classified as a business hour.
Additional support options are available to be customized through the Enterprise plan.

911 Escalation

This support service gives you access to the Xano Bat Phone. This escalation procedure is restricted to service outages only and not standard support. If minimizing downtime is essential to the health of your business, then this service is for you. In the event that there is a service outage for your instance, then you will have the ability to page the engineer on call to look into this immediately. Typical response times from initial contact are under an hour.
Common problems to system instability include the following:
  • Increased traffic that is overloading the system
  • Increased data volume that is adding new stress on the database
  • Denial of service attacks
  • User error within the function stack
  • Hardware problems
Possible solutions include the following:
  • Issue diagnosis
  • Temporarily increase server resources
  • Assistance with database indexes to speed up performance
  • Assistance with rate limiting for denial of service attacks
  • Longer term recommendations on functionality changes and/or plan changes to offer better protection against attacks and/or increased traffic demands
How to initiate 911 escalation:
To initiate a 911 escalation, open the support chat and start a new conversation. Two options will appear: normal premium support or emergency support - select the emergency support option. *Note: this option will only appear if your support package includes 911 escalation.
This method must be used in order for auditing purposes and emergency alert notifications to reach the Xano engineer on call. Use of other channels cannot guarantee the outlined response times.

How do I increase the limits on my plan?

​Fill out this form telling us what you would like. We will send you a confirmation of your new monthly pricing and the date it will take effect.
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