Environment Variables

These are accessible throughout your Queries, Addons, Functions, and Tasks. Environment Variables are a great place to store private information like API keys in a single location.

Environment Variables are Variables that can be used by multiple APIs or Functions. They are set up on the settings page of your Workspace.

$remote_ip: This is a special environment variable that resolves to the IP address of the individual accessing the API Endpoint.

$http_headers: This is a text Array of headers that are sent to the API Endpoint.

$request_uri: Returns the request URI.

$request_querystring: Returns the query string from the request.

$datasource: Returns the active data source being used for database queries.

https headers: https headers are what is sent to the API. There is no pre-populated list because it depends on what is sent. But you can add the headers to the response to see what is being sent:

We can use dot notation to use or return a specific header:

Renaming Environment Variables

You have the freedom to rename your environment variables at any time. When renaming these variables, Xano will give you the option to automatically update references to those variables at the same time.

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