Functions are organized, reusable workflows that can be easily added to any API Endpoint. Think of functions like templates or saved commands that make it easy to do the same thing over and over again.

Functions are used in the Function Stack. Stack options give you full control of your data and offer a wide array of different commands to build any custom API.

You can click through each category to find the function you're looking for, or search using the search box. The search box is also focused when you open the panel, so you can just click to add a function and start typing right away.

As you parse or search through the available functions, you can click the icon on them to add them to your favorites, giving quick access to them at the top of the function panel.

Using Functions

Each function in Xano serves a different purpose, and it's recommended that you refer to each function's in-app helper text or specific function documentation or more information. However, there is some information that is universal to each function that is important to note.

Return As

When a function has an output, that output is typically stored inside of a variable. This option allows for additional filtering on the output of that function.

For an example, let's look at the Create UUID function, which generates a random UUID. This function, and many others, include a 'Return As' option, which allows you to name the variable the output is stored in, and apply any filters you'd like to that output.

The UUID normally contains lowercase letters. We can use Return As to apply a filter to the output and make sure that the entire UUID only contains capital letters.

Function Stack Categories

Use the links below to explore specific documentation for each function in the function stack, separated by category.

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