Custom Functions

These are Functions that are created and displayed in the Library or installed from the Marketplace.

Custom Functions enabled you to build your own functions using the same workflow as the No Code API Builder. Just like the No Code API Builder, custom functions have inputs, the function stack, and the response. However, instead of an API endpoint URL, custom functions can be inserted into function stacks anywhere in your Xano workspace (API endpoints, other custom functions, or background tasks).

Once you create a custom function from the library, you can insert it into any function stack when you select custom functions when adding a new function.

If there are any inputs, you will need to map them for the function to run.

Building a custom function is just like building an API Endpoint.

Once you have created a custom function, you can add it to any function stack in your workspace by selecting Custom Functions when adding a function stack item.

Once selected, you can choose from any of the custom functions in your workspace.

Converting to Functions

You can also convert existing function stacks to custom functions by selecting the steps you want to include in the custom function and clicking the "Convert to Func" button.

Function Request History

Like API Endpoints, custom functions have request history. Read more here.

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