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No-Code API Builder

Learn how to use the powerful NO CODE API Builder.
Xano provides a No-Code API builder that allows you to build everything from simple to very complex statements. Xano automatically generates and documents CRUD operations for each table you define, but you can create your own API endpoints easily with this builder. If you haven't learned about what an API is yet, we'd recommend that you learn about it.

There are three parts to Xano's NO CODE API Builder

  • 1. Inputs Parameters that are passed to the Function Stack from the front-end you connect to.
  • 2. The Function stack Function(s) that execute in a linear fashion when your API is called.
  • 3. Response What Xano returns to the Front-end or a connected service after it executes the functions in the Function stack.
If you're looking to automatically execute Functions or API Endpoints on a given time interval, Try looking up Xano's Background Task (Cron Job) feature.

View Options

You can use this option to condense the view of your function stacks, removing a large amount of the whitespace between functions and enabling you to view more steps at once.
An example of the expanded vs condensed function stack view
Collapse All
For function types that have nested steps, such as Conditional statements and Loops, you can expand or collapse these items all in one swing using the Collapse All button.
An example of a fully expanded vs collapsed function stack view
You can combine both of these options to quickly get a better birds-eye view of your entire function stack.
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