API Basics

What is an API/API Endpoint?

You can think of the API like a messenger that runs back and forth between your database and other services to collect information and eventually pass it to your front-end. Each individual command that the messenger (API) knows is called an API Endpoint.

What is a REST API?

You've probably heard of the term REST API or RESTful API. REST is simply an architectural style that the vast majority of web services use to communicate with one another. It stands for representational state transfer and was created by the computer scientist Roy Fielding.

API Basic Concepts

  • API Groups - Folders for your API endpoints with unique documentation and BaseURLs.

  • Creating an API Endpoint - Build API endpoints to perform more unique or complex operations.

  • Naming your API Endpoints - Learn best practices when it comes to naming your API Endpoints.

  • API Status Codes - When you perform an API request to your servers or others, it's important to understand the codes gettings sent back to you.

  • The NO CODE API Builder - Learn the anatomy of an API endpoint and how to build an API.

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