OAuth (Social Sign-In)

Leverage sign-in with Google, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

What is OAuth?

The above explainer explains what OAuth is and how to do OAuth with Google and Webflow.

Xano provides Marketplace extensions for various authentication providers. Any provider not listed here that has an API can still be supported but the connection would need to be custom built.

  • Google

  • Apple

  • Auth0*

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • GitHub

*Auth0 is a dedicated authentication provider and tends to be a catch-all for any authentication use-case.

The following video is an example of implementing Google OAuth into an application. The tutorial uses a Bubble.io front-end. However, the general concepts for understanding how OAuth works from other providers and with other front-ends are the same.

Google OAuth Code URL Encoding

Occasionally, we've seen browsers apply a URL encoding to the code generated by Google OAuth. Generally the code begins with 4/, if the code starts with 4%2F the "%2F" would denote that the code has been URL encoded. This would cause Google to respond with an invalid code message. In Xano, you can leverage the filter url_decode in order to format the code correctly.

Please note, OAuth codes are one-time use only. A new code should be generated each time for testing.

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