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Scaling & Performance

What are Xano's limits?

When it comes to building the backend for your application, building to 95% capability isn't good enough. You need a platform that can handle every edge case you throw at it and Xano is that platform. From its inception, it was built to be the first Turing complete NO CODE backend so anything you can do in a regular programming language (PHP, C, Javascript, etc.) you would be able to do in Xano.

Can I scale my backend with Xano?

Yes. With Xano you don't need a DevOps team because we handle everything for you. Docker and Kubernetes are used to provision new accounts which provides a stable, scalable environment on top of Google Cloud and the PostgreSQL database offers not only the power and flexibility of SQL/NOSQL, but can scale horizontally and vertically.

What happens to my backend if Xano shuts down

We want each one of our users to feel secure in building their businesses and backends on the Xano platform, so in the very unlikely scenario that we decide to close up shop, we promise to release the Xano source code under an open-source license so that you can set up your own Xano server and keep your backend running.

What if I need more capacity outside my plan?

We've structured our Prototype & Business plans to be optimized for the products we see most often. However, if you should need more capacity outside of our Business plan, whether it be file storage, workspaces, team seats or bandwidth, we have pricing and you can contact sales.

Does Xano rate limit?

Only the Build (Free) plan has a rate limit. Any paid instance does not have rate limiting. For more information on the specifics please visit xano.com/pricing.


Can Xano build my front-end?

No. Xano only handles your entire backend, which consists of development, dev-ops, database & APIs as a hosted platform. It does not create any sort of front-end for your project. You can take the API endpoints you create in Xano and link them to the front end of your choice or with one of our preferred front end solution providers

Does Xano work with other No Code front-end tools?

Absolutely. We built Xano with the idea that it would seamlessly integrate with other popular and up and coming No Code tools. Please visit Connect to a Front-End for more information.


Who owns my data?

You own your data. This also include any data that your users might upload unless your agreement with them specifies otherwise.

Can I move my backend code off Xano?

No. Since Xano's system creates and hosts all your project backend development code with a simplified NO CODE methodology, moving your business logic can potentially break and render your project inoperable. However, we are investigating ways to make this work as a future enterprise option.

Can I export my data?

Yes. You can export your data through the settings in your instance. The data will be exported as a .YAML file format.

Can I migrate my backend from another BaaS (Backend as a Service) provider?

We currently do not have a way to import or migrate a backend from another provider. This is largely because the infrastructure and format can drastically differ. We plan to look into certain functionalities if it makes sense as we see what customers want.

Can I copy and paste my data into the database?

Currently, no. However, we are aware that this is a popular request and it's on our roadmap.


Can I make an External API request in Xano?

Yes. You can access and process an external API Endpoint with Xano. This can be found within the Function Stack.

How do I schedule a recurring API request?

​Tasks (or Background Tasks) allow you to utilize scheduling capabilities - both recurring and one-off. Tasks are only available on paid instances.

How can I extend data from multiple sources in a single API request?

Addons allow you to extend data from multiple sources in a single API request. Addons give you complete control over how your data is queried. Please visit the Addons page and guide for more information.

Does Xano provide documentation for my API Endpoints?

Yes. Xano automatically generates documentation for your API Endpoints using Swagger. You can find this on the API page > API Documentation. Additionally, there is a link to it on the right side of the page within an API group.


Can I see the code that my Xano backend is being hosted on?

No. Xano prides itself in being a No Code or Zero Code solution. We enable both technical and non-technical users alike to build their backends without code or compromise. In doing so, we allow our users to save weeks to months of time in development and up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs. To stay true to our No Code DNA we do not provide the code at this time.


Will the Marketplace have templates that I can use to start my backend with?

Yes. Although the Marketplace was just launched, we are very excited to begin releasing templates for our users to use for their projects. We have many useful and exciting templates on our roadmap.

Can I develop an extension or template and sell it on the Xano Marketplace?

You are able to develop Snippets to share API endpoints and examples with other users. Allowing our users to develop extensions and templates for the Marketplace is on the roadmap. Stay tuned for more information.


How much will Xano cost and how do I upgrade?

Pricing depends on which plan you choose. For detailed information on the cost of each plan and what is included please visit xano.com/pricing.
​In order to upgrade, please visit the Billing page in your Xano account and select "Change Plan."


Can I put a hold on or pause my account?

If you need to put a hold on things by cancelling your subscription and wish to come back later, Xano can preserve your data for up to 60 days from the end of your subscription. You must contact support to do so. After you cancel, you will not be able to access your instance. When you are ready to come back you must contact support again and re-initiate payment on your subscription to access your instance. After the 60 day grace period your data and workspace could be lost and you may have to start over from scratch.


Can I satisfy HIPAA Compliance while using Xano as my Backend?

Not yet, but we are actively working towards this. Please see our HIPAA compliance page to see what's been done and what is remaining.

Is Xano GDPR Compliant?

As a backend, we are much less at risk than a tool that is allowing users to build the front-end. Ultimately, much of the responsibility is on the user that is building and their set up. Data security is paramount to us, which is why Xano holds a certification for ISO 27001:2013. While there are many similarities between ISO 27001:2013 and GDPR compliance, we are in the process of checking the final boxes for full GDPR compliance. We expect to finalize this soon.


Does Xano work with Dev Shops / Agencies?

Xano's origin was spawned via a development shop. So we know what they want with regards to client projects. Our objective is to simplify the backend development process while saving tons of money and time to complete each project.

Can I collaborate with others on a project in Xano?

Yes. Development can work better if a team is involved. Depending on which package you're subscribed to, you can grant access to other teammates to your instance and work on a project together.

Custom Development

Can I create a custom plan with Xano?

Yes. This can be done by contacting us and inquiring about our custom enterprise setup.

Can I hire a Xano expert to help develop my custom backend?

Yes. Please fill out this form and a Xano representative will get back to you in 24 hours.
What to expect once you engage with an expert:
  1. 1.
    Discovery: The Xano expert needs to understand your business goals.
  2. 2.
    Mapping: Construct a framework of how your backend maps to your business.
  3. 3.
    Database Modeling: Build the database schema that houses your data.
  4. 4.
    Configure APIs: Create all the business logic required to send and receive information from your database.
  5. 5.
    Documentation: Ensure API documentation is ready to be handed off to a front-end engineer or for you to test and configure with any no code front-end tool.
  6. 6.
    Testing: Access backend build-out with you and / or your team.


How and where is Xano Hosted

You can read more about the Technology we use to host your scalable backend.

Can I host Xano "on-premise?"

Typically...no. However, this can be done with an Enterprise setup. Contact us today to inquire.
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