Xano Documentation

Manage Team

Add team members and agencies to your instance and set permissions
Xano allows you collaborate on projects by adding a team member to your instance. Be sure to check your plan to see if additional team members are included.

Add a Team Member

From the instance page, find the instance that you wish to add a team member. Click the menu icon and select Manage Team.
Only the owner of the instance can add additional team members.
Make sure your team member has signed up to a Xano account (a free account is perfectly fine). Enter the email address the team member uses for their Xano account. Then choose the role of admin or developer for the team member.

Team Member Roles

Adding them as a developer will allow them to edit your workspace, adding them as an admin will allow them to share and delete it. Owner is the owner of the instance - this is you. You have full control over who has access to the instance and what roles someone will have.
Agency is a special role, which gives admin rights to members of the Agency.
An email will be sent and once the team member accepts the invitation, they can log in using their own credentials and access your instance.

Remove a Team Member and Update Roles

By selecting one of the team members you are able to either update their role or remove them from instance access.
Update a team members role or remove them from the instance.

Manage an Agency

Agency is a special role, which is designated when you have accepted an invitation from a Xano Agency plan instance. The Agency role is designed for full service management. Meaning any team members attached to the Agency plan instance will have admin rights to your instance.
Agency ABC has the Agency role.

Remove an Agency

You can remove an Agency from your instance by clicking on the Agency under Team Membership.
Remove an Agency from accessing your Instance.