Transfer Ownership

Transfer ownership of a workspace to a client Instance.

One of the unique features of the Agency plan is the ability to transfer ownership of a workspace to a client Instance. This feature may be useful if you need to start development on a client project before the client is on a Xano instance.

You are able to start a project in a workspace within your Agency instance. Once the client sets up their instance and links it to your Agency via the client invite process, you can perform a transfer of ownership.

The transfer ownership action can be found in the menu icon of the client dashboard.

You will be able to select a workspace from within your Agency plan instance to transfer ownership:

Next, choose a client Instance to transfer to workspace to:

Confirm the transfer. A copy of the workspace will be transferred into the client Instance.

Once complete, you can navigate to the client Instance from the client dashboard and see the workspace in your client's Instance. It's recommended that any development from this point on be done on the workspace that is hosted in the client Instance. Changes to the copy on the Agency instance will not be reflected in the copy of client Instance.

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